With a mission designed to safeguard the welfare and health of patients, Laboratorios BIOGEN of Colombia, develops high-quality drugs for several key therapeutic actions, always framed in the field of innovation, research and competitiveness. We have more than three decades of growth, designing programs of clinical interest with an ethical approach that ensures the safety of each of its products.


QUINOY®, a release
without spots

A new drug comes to complement dermatologic line. BIOGEN® announces a new release as part of the products that make up the line of skin care ...

BIOGEN®, a highly
innovative company

In April 2016, the Colombian government through COLCIENCIAS, awarded to BIOGEN® the title of Highly Innovative Company. A very important distinction because the call included ...

Max relief, Max welfare, comes BIOGRIP® MAX

BIOGEN® releases the new BIOGRIP® MAX, an effective drug in presentation box and dispenser for 12 and 100 tablets respectively, which blocks the flu and its symptoms ...